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0003034unrealircdpublic2010-05-30 20:03
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Product Version3.2.6 
Summary0003034: Remote MOTD / RULES (like remote includes)
DescriptionIt would be really nice to be able to specify a remote file for MOTD / Short MOTD / RULES / OPERMOTD / BOTMOTD ; it would make it much easier to manage from a central location (especially for networks where all servers use basically the same motd/rules. You would be able to use a dynamic script like php for stuff that is server specific :)

In the current state, the only config option would be to use the tld block for this; i think that the static hard coded file locations (in config.h) should be removed, as it makes it much harder to easily change file locations without using a symbolic link (which obviously doesn't support urls). Maybe even keep the static entries in config.h, just make them the default if they are not specified in the config file, using these keys for file locations (similar to the tld block, except this would be the main files, not tld specific):
set::motd-rules {
  motd <motd-file>;
  rules <rules-file>;
  shortmotd <shortmotd-file>;
  opermotd <oper-file>;
  botmotd <bot-file>;

I'd really like to know what others think about this idea.
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duplicate of 0001507 resolvedsyzop Remote including of MOTD files 
related to 0003863 resolvedsyzop run-time configuration of files (tune, pid, motd) 



2006-08-26 21:35

reporter   ~0012246

djGrrr, i like this one too... it be cool to have the ircd beable to grab the motd and stuff from something like a http/ftp site or something, or even from a primary hub or one its connected too.... make a switch/flag for rehash, so everytime a server is rehashed with this switch/flag, it reads from the address specified in the config, and downloads the motd files, of course it would have to keep it in memory or a temp file of some sort, but it would only grab the motd file when the ircd is started, and rehashed... let me know what ya think


2006-08-29 08:29

reporter   ~0012262

well, all of what you said is already in unreal...
/rehash -motd already exists
and MOTD / RULES are always stored in memory, thats why you have to rehash even after editing the motd in order to make it update.

This feature would most likely only be available if compiled with remote includes / curl so curl could be used to retrieve the remote files.


2006-09-01 05:17

administrator   ~0012276

Dup of 0001507

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