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0003863unrealircdpublic2009-11-22 13:30
Reporterohnobinki Assigned Tosyzop  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Platformamd64OSGentooOS Version2.0
Product Version3.2.8 
Fixed in Version3.2.9-RC1 
Summary0003863: run-time configuration of files (tune, pid, motd)
DescriptionThe locations of files such as the tunefile, pidfile, and *motd should be runtime-configurable.
Additional InformationBenefits:
*Distribution-installed copies of UnrealIRCD can be used by users more easily
*Multiple servers can be run based off of one set of ircd and module binaries

The attached patch can also be viewed at;h=edf2dfc246c1c8452d946f23fb05cea4f6b0d2d7 .
It adds an optional files:: section to unrealircd.conf. It allows reconfiguration of the locations of *motd, tunefile, pidfile, and rules. The only downside of this patch I _know of atm_ is that it doesn't update the file locations displayed in the win32 GUI when /rehash-ing.
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3rd party modules


related to 0003698 closed Configurable Pid 
related to 0003034 closed Remote MOTD / RULES (like remote includes) 
child of 0003776 resolvedsyzop Unreal3.2.9 TODO 


2009-08-02 18:01



2009-09-15 02:06

reporter   ~0015931

I added some sample docs for the file block.




2009-11-22 13:30

administrator   ~0015959

Seemed like an awful lot of work, code looks well tested & clean, good job :).
Patch applied as-is, and is now in CVS (.772).

- Applied patch from ohnobinki (0003863) which makes run-time configuration
  of files (tune, pid, motd) possible.

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