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0003944unrealircdpublic2010-08-16 11:33
ReporterJobe1986Assigned Tosyzop 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Platformx86OSFreeBSDOS Version7.0
Product Version3.2.8 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.2.9-RC1 
Summary0003944: FreeBSD, IPv6 build, IPv4 listen blocks and *:port listen blocks
DescriptionOK, today I found a few issues with using UnrealIRCd on FreeBSD 7.0 with IPv6 support enabled. Those issues are:
A) "listen *:6667;" only listens on IPv6 IP's ( suggests a solution that requires root which isnt an option for everyone)
B) A listen block specifying an IPv4 IP (both "" and "[::ffff:]:6667" forms) fails with an error suggesting another solution, once again requiring root.

So having found a solution that does not require root, I have attached a .diff with a solution to BOTH issues.
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2010-08-15 20:02


unreal-ipv6-bsd.diff (458 bytes)


2010-08-15 20:05

reporter   ~0016274

I like this ++


2010-08-15 21:09

administrator   ~0016275

This is already in latest CVS ;)

#if defined(INET6) && defined(IPV6_V6ONLY)
        /* We deal with both IPv4 and IPv6 in one (listen) socket.
         * This used to be on by default, but FreeBSD, and much later Linux
         * sometimes as well, seem to default it to IPv6 only ('1').
         * We now have this new fancy option to turn it off in Unreal,
         * instead of requiring our users to sysctl.
        opt = 0;
        if (setsockopt(fd, IPPROTO_IPV6, IPV6_V6ONLY, (OPT_TYPE *)&opt,
            sizeof(opt)) < 0)
                        report_error("setsockopt(IPV6_V6ONLY) %s:%s", cptr);

Anyway, I never got an opportunity to test it. But it works?


2010-08-15 22:08

reporter   ~0016276

This code is already in CVS.

One note I'd like to make, however, is that on certain installations, setsockopt() _does_ return nonzero and spits a bunch of ``setsockopt(IPV6_V6ONLY)'' errors into ircd.log when it seems that there is no need to report such an error. (i.e., the setsockopt() call fails even though the IPv4 over IPv6 stuff is working find).


2010-08-15 22:11

reporter   ~0016277

Ugh, I should'nt've touched this bug, I've only messed up its state :-/.


2010-08-15 22:26

reporter   ~0016278

Last edited: 2010-08-15 22:27

Yes this does work on FreeBSD 7.0. But it is worth noting that this will not work on Windows due to Windows lack of dual stack support. So in case you haven't already (your paste didn't mention it) you should make sure this fix only applies to non-windows builds at the very least.

As for already being in CVS, I suppose I really should have checked first. :P


2010-08-16 11:33

administrator   ~0016282

Ok, glad to hear it actually works :)

Jobe: as for windows, we don't support IPv6 on windows, see 0000008

ohnobinki: good point, now got rid of any possible warning in CVS .868:
- Get rid of any setsockopt(IPV6_V6ONLY) errors in ircd.log (0003944).

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