Released 2020-01-22
0005535: [ircd] Opers are only joined to the first channel if multiple channels are specified in set::oper-auto-join (syzop)
0005528: [ircd] /ELINE flags 'fg' doesn't working at all (syzop)
0005458: [ircd] New set::options::spamfilter-ban-ident option (syzop)
0005029: [ircd] can you add the manual /kline to ban-include-username yes; (syzop)
0003984: [ircd] TKL exemption for SSL certificates. (requested by Veil). (syzop)
0005276: [ircd] UnrealIRCD blacklist + antirandom modules doesn't let the user connect in if ban-action is warn,shun,tempshun,kill (syzop)
0005524: [ircd] Except Throttle does not work on 5.0.1 (syzop)
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