Released 2020-04-19
0005566: [ircd] Problem with shun (/shun and shun of spamfilter) (syzop)
0005629: [ircd] Incorrect user shown removing glines, gzlines and spamfilters on remote server (syzop)
0002655: [ircd] Tempshun listing, identification (syzop)
0005519: [ircd] /stats s doesn't seem to show tempshuns (syzop)
0005355: [ircd] U5: hide idle option for regular users (syzop)
0005553: [ircd] Crash when unloading module with moddata (syzop)
0005580: [ircd] Can't remove remote tempshuns (syzop)
0005616: [ircd] Sajoin user 0 works but nicklists do not update to show parting of channels (syzop)
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