Released 2020-09-28
0003895: [ircd] OPERMOTD suffix incorrect (syzop)
0003517: [documentation] Tempshun on documentation (syzop)
0004722: [ircd] /stats b is not listing the badword filters (syzop)
0005758: [ircd] server-time messages out of order (syzop)
0005708: [ircd] Multiple lines (\r\n) in single websocket frame with labeled-response (syzop)
0005736: [ircd] +b ~T:censor results in empty PRIVMSG (syzop)
0005698: [ircd] Voiced users bypass +b ~T:block and +b ~T:censor (syzop)
0005753: [ircd] /links will show in mIRC even when disabled. (syzop)
0005757: [ircd] WHO hides yourself in result if not in any channels (syzop)
0005745: [ircd] Memory leak and constant rehashing of certificates (syzop)
0005746: [ircd] /mode #channel +l 2147483648 adds gibberish for the channel limit. (syzop)
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