Released 2021-06-04
0005838: [ircd] Allow on /STATS to display the maximum server connection that can handle (syzop)
0005899: [ircd] UnrealIRCd fails to compile when enabling remote includes if libcurl4-openssl-dev isn't installed (syzop)
0005873: [ircd] connection-delay (in set::restrict-commands) range should probably be wider (syzop)
0005852: [ircd] The shun ~ a:account does not work (syzop)
0005334: [ircd] U5: WHOX searching on reputation (argvx)
0005843: [ircd] /eline ~S:CERT returns an invalid error (syzop)
0005836: [ircd] security-group::tls cannot be used in config file. (syzop)
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