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0003928unrealircdpublic2010-08-14 20:40
Reportersyzop Assigned Tosyzop  
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Fixed in Version3.2.9-RC1 
Summary0003928: Fix chained/stacked bans
DescriptionJust a TODO item to remember me fixing chained/stacked bans.
It should not be in 3.2.9 release in it's current state.
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related to 0003193 resolvedaquanight Enable some combinations of extbans 
has duplicate 0003192 resolvedohnobinki Add a new simple extban 
has duplicate 0003505 closed Seven possible new ban functions and corresponding extbans 
related to 0002817 resolvedsyzop Request: Extended Invex 
child of 0003776 resolvedsyzop Unreal3.2.9 TODO 



2010-08-14 20:40

administrator   ~0016270

Fixed in CVS mass-commit .863:
- This is actually an update of earlier code from CVS, but now it works ok:
- Added support for "stacked" extbans. Put simply this allows extban combinations
  such as ~q:~c:#test to only silence users on #test, for example. This feature
  is enabled by default, but can be disabled during ./Config -advanced.
  This feature was suggested by Shining Phoenix (0003193), was then coded
  by aquanight for U3.3, and later on backported and partially redone by Syzop.
  Module coders:
  In an extban ~x:~y:something where we call ~x the 1st, and ~y the 2nd extban:
  Since stacked extbans only makes sense where the 1st one is an action
  extended ban like ~q/~n/~j, most modules won't have to be changed, as
  their extban never gets extended (just like ~c:~q: makes no sense).
  However, you may still want to indicate in some cases that the extban your
  module introduces also shouldn't be used as 2nd extban.
  For example with a textban extban ~T it makes no sense to have ~n:~T.
  The module can indicate this by setting EXTBOPT_NOSTACKCHILD in
  the ExtbanInfo struct used by ExtbanAdd().
  For completeness I note that action modifier extbans are indicated by
  EXTBOPT_ACTMODIFIER. However, note that we currently assume all such
  extbans use the extban_is_ok_nuh_extban and extban_conv_param_nuh_or_extban
  functions. If you don't use these and use EXTBOPT_ACTMODIFIER, then things
  will go wrong with regards to stack-counting.
  Module coders should also note that stacked extbans are not available if
- Added extended ban ~R:<nick>, which only matches if <nick> is a registered
  user (has identified to services). This is really only useful in ban
  exemptions, like: +e ~R:Nick would allow Nick to go through all bans if he
  has identified to NickServ. This is often safer than using +e n!u@h.
- Added Extended Invex. This is very much like extended bans, in fact it
  supports some of the same flags. Syntax: +I ~character:mask
  Currently supported are: ~c (channel), ~r (realname) and ~R (registered).
  This can be useful when setting a channel invite only (+i) and then
  setting invite exceptions such as +I ~c:#chan (or even ~c:+#chan), while
  still being able to ban users.
  Because action modifiers (~q/~n/~j) make no sense here, extended invex
  stacking (+I ~a:~b:c) makes no sense either, and is not supported.
  Suggested by DanPMK (0002817), parts based on patch from ohnobinki.
  Module coders: set EXTBOPT_INVEX in the ExtbanInfo struct used by
  ExtbanAdd() to indicate that your extban may also be used in +I.
- Invex (+I) now always checks cloaked hosts as well. Just like with bans,
  it checks them also when the user is not currently cloaked (eg: did -x, or
  is currently using some VHOST).
- Fixed client desynch caused by (un)banning, reported by Sephiroth (#2837).

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