Released 2020-12-30
  • 0005549: [installing] Symlink to the source directory (syzop)
  • 0005801: [ircd] make binary print better error on script args (syzop)
  • 0005799: [ircd] Messages from Services are omitted after 8 lines (syzop)
  • 0005797: [ircd] [5.0.8-git] When using /rehash, we are warned every ~40s that the certificate is about to expire (syzop)
  • 0002984: [ircd] Some /stats features. (syzop)
  • 0005766: [ircd] USER command post-registration returns wrong numeric (syzop)
  • 0005774: [ircd] Add a reason and ID to "Forbidding Q-lined" message (syzop)
  • 0005787: [ircd] unreal reports "this server is full" and closes connection, when it is nowhere near maxclients or fd limit (syzop)
  • 0005727: [ircd] warn on expiring certificates (syzop)
  • 0005769: [ircd] Problem with password and/or ident in the block Allow (syzop)
  • 0005761: [ircd] WHO accountname a only shows all logged in entities if neither uses the nick accountname (syzop)
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