Released 2022-12-07
  • 0006174: [ircd] Add TLINE command to test how broad a *-Line would be (syzop)
  • 0006189: [ircd] /stats o returns "(null)" if advanced matching criteria for mask is used (syzop)
  • 0006166: [ircd] Chathistory fails when target is a nickname (syzop)
  • 0006154: [ircd] log block: create directory structure (syzop)
  • 0006147: [ircd] Bug on channel bans with ~quiet and IPv6 (syzop)
  • 0006141: [ircd] Join snotice doesn't show across linked IRCd's (syzop)
  • 0006072: [ircd] Make tld::motd and tld::rules optional (syzop)
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