Released 2021-10-31
0004320: [ircd] Add MONITOR support. (syzop)
0003202: [ircd] Allow remote includes anywhere a file is expected (syzop)
0005705: [ircd] U6: geoip features (syzop)
0005800: [ircd] Send oper levels across links (syzop)
0005526: [ircd] Add "cipher" information in /whois under RPL_WHOISSECURE (syzop)
0005941: [ircd] U6: ability to disable +q/+a/+h (syzop)
0005546: [ircd] U6: Logging code cleanup (syzop)
0005543: [ircd] U6: make extbans use names instead of letters (syzop)
0005823: [ircd] Staff file doesn't work with remote url (syzop)
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