Released 2023-03-24
0005772: [ircd] Synthax (syzop)
0006046: [ircd] /rehash <remoteserver> does not show the error(s) on current server (syzop)
0005910: [ircd] IRCd returning invalid host error then setting invalid oper-block vhost (syzop)
0006082: [ircd] using /rehash for remote server, makes an info appearing twice on the remote server (syzop)
0006104: [ircd] UnrealIRCD doesn't sends CAP DEL on module unload (syzop)
0004233: [documentation] Missing information about +H flag which hides SWHOIS as well as oper status (syzop)
0006100: [ircd] URL within block is fetched even if @if evaluates to false (syzop)
0005947: [ircd] ERR_INPUTTOOLONG not sent on long messages (syzop)
0006004: [ircd] The optional <target> parameter of INFO is ignored (syzop)
0005908: [ircd] +S channel mode strips too much (syzop)
0006060: [ircd] nick.BAD_NICK_REMOTE shows wrong server (syzop)
0006122: [ircd] @if module-loaded() @endif doesn't working sometimes when unloading a module (syzop)
0006222: [ircd] add security-groups websocket (syzop)
0005598: [ircd] Add websocket yes/no option to security-group (syzop)
0006153: [ircd] Whowas - Display the IP (and not just the hostname) (syzop)
0005977: [ircd] The "/gline %" is poorly organized (syzop)
0006118: [ircd] invisible_user_in_channel() function doesn't return 1 when channel has +d (syzop)
0006195: [installing] Module manager doesn't work with FreeBSD systems (syzop)
0006148: [ircd] Add channel origin of target-flood-channel (syzop)
0006224: [ircd] Q-Lines ineffective on channels (syzop)
0006115: [ircd] host change on vhost even with SASL / feature request: autojoin delay (syzop)
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