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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00020855   ircdtweakresolved (codemastr)2004-10-11multiple types in except tkl
  000205117   ircdminorresolved (syzop)2004-10-10Problems for Chinese nick
  00019904   ircdmajorresolved (syzop)2004-10-07Link with hostname (not IP) broken on IPv6 compile
  00021018   ircdcrashresolved (syzop)2004-10-07badword "#" crash the IRCd
  00013356   ircdfeatureresolved (syzop)2004-10-06Preventing flooding when q-lined nicks connects
  000168614   ircdfeatureresolved (codemastr)2004-10-03Aliases that message to a channel
  000209721 ircdmajorresolved (syzop)2004-09-29Hostname Resolving With FreeBSD Jails
  00019833   ircdfeatureresolved (syzop)2004-09-19TODO: salted passes + make md5 always available
  00020734   documentationminorresolved (codemastr)2004-09-18tokens.txt needs updating
  00020594   installingminorresolved (codemastr)2004-09-05error compile
  00019654   ircdtrivialresolved (codemastr)2004-09-04users with snomask +s can see oper up notices
  00020239   ircdmajorresolved (codemastr)2004-09-04SVSMODE removal of oper modes has unpredictable effect
  00020171   ircdtrivialresolved (codemastr)2004-09-04Watch params
  000202011   ircdminorresolved (codemastr)2004-09-04Channel mode +M bug ?
  00020191   documentationtextresolved (codemastr)2004-09-04link::ciphers
  00020481   ircdminorresolved (codemastr)2004-09-04Kline distributed on directly connected servers on update
  00020457   ircdminorresolved (codemastr)2004-09-03ip ban (channels) impossible when users ip has resolved to some.isps.host
  0001949171 ircdcrashresolved (codemastr)2004-08-24unreal.exe crashes when installing or modifying services
  000192718   ircdfeatureresolved (codemastr)2004-08-22Add SnoMasks to WhoIs reply for Opers
  00019861   ircdcrashresolved (codemastr)2004-07-22[module API] Crash with ModuleGetErrorStr
  00019732   documentationtrivialresolved (codemastr)2004-07-18Add can_addline to the conf file
  000189912   ircdfeatureresolved (codemastr)2004-07-18Add oper::usermodes
  000193021 installingfeatureresolved (codemastr)2004-07-18a suggestion for Config and src/modules/Makefile.in
  00019503   ircdminorresolved (codemastr)2004-07-13Wrong lpServiceName in RegisterServiceCtrlHandler()
  000185910   ircdtweakresolved (codemastr)2004-07-12SAPART with reason
  00018884   ircdtrivialresolved (codemastr)2004-07-09/who nick bug?
  00019322   ircdtrivialresolved (codemastr)2004-07-09editor.c
  00018818   documentationtextresolved (codemastr)2004-07-07/whois channel prefixes
  00018343   ircdtrivialresolved (codemastr)2004-07-06Problem with user@host format in operhosts
  00017098   ircdtweakresolved (codemastr)2004-07-05little bug in aliases/anope.conf
  00019011   ircdtweakresolved (codemastr)2004-07-05allow-userhost-change force-rejoin not done @ hostchange on /oper up
  00018981   ircdminorresolved (codemastr)2004-06-25Bug with creation of 'tmp' directory
  00018962   ircdtrivialresolved (codemastr)2004-06-25Use Nickname instead of "User" in newly created numerics
  00015997   ircdtextresolved (codemastr)2004-06-23Numerics (Was: NOTICEs that shouldn't be notices)
  00018922   ircdcrashresolved (codemastr)2004-06-22ircd segfaults directly after first connection in Find_ban
  00018745   ircdtrivialresolved (codemastr)2004-06-18duplicate user over svsnick
  00012966   ircdfeatureresolved (codemastr)2004-06-17CIDR support for kline, shun, allow blocks, etc
  00018585   ircdminorresolved (codemastr)2004-06-06another /who +m bug
  000185121   ircdcrashresolved (codemastr)2004-06-01Another core
  00018523   ircdfeatureresolved (codemastr)2004-06-01DNS-Cache
  00018246   installingfeatureresolved (codemastr)2004-06-01Easier configure/compile/install -> Paths (WISH, no error)
  00017662   ircdminorresolved (codemastr)2004-06-01sqline case sensitive to a certain point?
  00018351   documentationtextresolved (codemastr)2004-06-01snomaks +S not commented
  00018467   ircdcrashresolved (codemastr)2004-05-31Crash bugwhen I link (this time with services)
  00018392   installingblockresolved (codemastr)2004-05-29Compile error with FreeBSD and support.c
  000137613   ircdfeatureresolved (codemastr)2004-05-27show IP in /whois
  00006053   ircdfeatureresolved (codemastr)2004-05-27NICKIP
  00017991   ircdminorresolved (codemastr)2004-05-09Crash on boot/rehash when set::ssl::option is empty
  00017181   documentationfeatureresolved (codemastr)2004-05-04ch* commands from U:Lines shoudl not be logged.....
  00017391   ircdfeatureresolved (codemastr)2004-05-04Suggested change (kind of a bug) for unreal.in
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