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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00016698   ircdminorresolved (syzop)2004-03-18Spamfilter remove problem/strange behavior
  00016431   ircdtextresolved (codemastr)2004-03-13space missing in a line in credits
  00016244   ircdminorresolved (codemastr)2004-03-09On join for +T does not work
  00007926   ircdfeatureresolved (codemastr)2004-03-08except nick {}
  00016302   documentationtrivialresolved (codemastr)2004-03-08src/version.c(.SH) vs src/win32/version.c
  0001542111 installingtrivialresolved (codemastr)2004-03-05configure/c++ compiler
  00016043   ircdfeatureresolved (codemastr)2004-03-04Hook request
  00015832   ircdtrivialresolved (syzop)2004-02-23spamfilter not handling dcc to channels
  00015265   ircdfeatureresolved (syzop)2004-02-20Ability to tempshun from command line
  00015631   ircdminorresolved (codemastr)2004-02-19Bug when opping services clients caused by 0000917
  000155817   ircdcrashresolved (codemastr)2004-02-19IRCd crashing after making a few rehashes
  00015614   ircdtrivialresolved (codemastr)2004-02-19configure does not check for PATH_MAX define
  000141611   ircdfeatureresolved (codemastr)2004-02-18allow::options::noident doesn't seem to work
  000089314   ircdminorresolved (codemastr)2004-02-18Epona/Anope Services Delayed Interaction Causing Errors
  00015533   ircdfeatureresolved (codemastr)2004-02-16Permanent modules losing command overrides
  00015455   ircdcrashresolved (codemastr)2004-02-16UnrealIRCd crashes after linking when PROTOCTL line is incorrect
  00015104   installingblockresolved (codemastr)2004-02-16Compilation error
  00015401   documentationtrivialresolved (codemastr)2004-02-15svstime shown on /helpop svscmds
  00015396   ircdminorresolved (syzop)2004-02-14duplicate entry - fdlist and local operators
  00014615   ircdfeatureresolved (codemastr)2004-02-11No way to change snomask remotely
  000153310   ircdmajorresolved (codemastr)2004-02-11commands.so can be unloaded on cvs update -> recompile -> /rehash
  000151435   documentationfeatureresolved (codemastr)2004-02-11Chrooting should be better documented
  000005615   ircdfeatureresolved (codemastr)2004-02-11remote /restart doesn't work
  000091717   ircdfeatureresolved (codemastr)2004-02-05Disallow users to deop/deown/.. services
  00005185   ircdminorresolved (codemastr)2004-02-03/sajoin problems with channel modes +bilk
  000047810   ircdfeatureresolved (codemastr)2004-01-30operflag (ie: can_setq) for +q
  00008635   installingminorresolved (codemastr)2004-01-30./Config doesn't disable ssl when no ssl header files are present
  000138031 documentationtrivialresolved (syzop)2004-01-30Unreal releases
  00011698   ircdtrivialresolved (codemastr)2004-01-30MODE sends with extra space.
  00015051   installingminorresolved (codemastr)2004-01-29./Config script not remembering Curl path
  00013074   installingtweakresolved (codemastr)2004-01-18Get some warnings when compiling w/SSL.
  00014342   ircdminorresolved (codemastr)2004-01-18/module restriction
  00014868   ircdtrivialresolved (codemastr)2004-01-18MAXSILENCE too low?
  00012834   documentationtextresolved (codemastr)2004-01-17Yet another stats documentation typos
  00014245   ircdfeatureresolved (codemastr)2004-01-17HOOKTYPE_PRE_QUIT
  00014533   ircdminorresolved (codemastr)2004-01-17revert in FAKE_LAG_FOR_LOCOPS (parse.c)
  00014782   ircdtrivialresolved (codemastr)2004-01-17OPs cannot /INVITE if channel is +V
  00014887   ircdminorresolved (codemastr)2004-01-17Extban bug with is_ok
  000139742 ircdfeatureresolved (codemastr)2004-01-17Additional logging facilities (sa*, chg*)
  000149931 ircdminorresolved (codemastr)2004-01-17Permanent modules & rehashing configuration
  00014892   ircdfeatureresolved (codemastr)2004-01-11/who +M shows not +i clients
  00014901   ircdcrashresolved (codemastr)2004-01-11frequent crash
  00014841   ircdminorresolved (codemastr)2004-01-10CmodeAdd doesn't set MODERR_NOERROR on success
  00014509   documentationmajorresolved (syzop)2004-01-07Users can see server notices, even if +s is not enabled.
  000147411   installingmajorresolved (codemastr)2004-01-07Another compile problem.
  000145819   installingmajorresolved (codemastr)2004-01-02A compile bug with the latest CVS version, I believe it has to do with enabling Remote Includes...
  00014543   ircdminorresolved2003-12-28[BUG] NickServ tried to set +H[..] caused by auspice
  0001332341 ircdcrashresolved (codemastr)2003-12-23Rehash won't reload modules and can cause trouble
  000142621 ircdminorresolved (codemastr)2003-12-23Duplicated dynamic modules
  00014317   installingminorresolved (codemastr)2003-12-17SSL default path always used if exsist
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