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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00023582   module apitextresolved (syzop)2005-02-26Typo in src/modules/m_chgname.c
  00023336   ircdfeatureresolved (syzop)2005-02-26Halfops exempt from +f #t?
  00023741   documentationtextresolved (syzop)2005-02-26Nonexisting set::allowed-characters
  00023257   ircdminorresolved (codemastr)2005-02-25Sajoin notice send the channel double.
  00023591   ircdtrivialresolved (codemastr)2005-02-25nick change notices when after reciving a SVSNICK command from services
  00023661   ircdminorresolved (codemastr)2005-02-25Userip / userhost commands
  00023416   ircdminorresolved (syzop)2005-02-23Typo in /stats responce
  00023609   ircdmajorresolved (syzop)2005-02-22charsys synch/link issues
  000235452 documentationtweakresolved (syzop)2005-02-20Documentation Tweakage
  000207015   ircdtextresolved (syzop)2005-02-19Localized nick support
  00023386   ircdfeatureresolved (syzop)2005-02-14Spamfilter : Use 'tkltime' for the 'shun' action ?
  00022238   ircdblockresolved (syzop)2005-02-12ban version: action shun
  000232716   ircdfeatureresolved (syzop)2005-02-12Logging important events without log{}
  00021856   ircdtrivialresolved (syzop)2005-02-12NOOP Allows Former Opers to See Privileged Info
  00021984   ircdfeatureresolved (syzop)2005-02-12~c extended ban type improvement
  00019743   ircdfeatureresolved (syzop)2005-02-11Channel Jointhrottle (+j)
  00019295   ircdfeatureresolved (syzop)2005-02-03Allow spamfilter.conf to scan topics as well as any other message.
  00012365   ircdminorresolved (syzop)2005-02-03nodnscache / resolver TTL bug
  000194628   ircdminorresolved (codemastr)2005-02-03cmode +O not accepted by remote servers when set by locops
  00022984   ircdminorresolved (syzop)2005-02-03Win32 Cloaking Modules
  00023006   ircdminorresolved (syzop)2005-02-03Modules are copied to temporary directory
  00020842   documentationminorresolved (codemastr)2005-01-29item still remains in systray even if it delete from conf
  00017585   installingminorresolved (codemastr)2005-01-29GUEST command doesn't work
  00022901   documentationminorresolved (codemastr)2005-01-29me::numeric inconsistancy
  00022993   ircdminorresolved (codemastr)2005-01-29/stats confusion, documentation bugs
  000204440   ircdfeatureresolved (codemastr)2005-01-29Implementation of Invex (chanmode +I)
  00023064   ircdminorresolved (codemastr)2005-01-29/Invite bug / Bad Documentation Of /Invite
  00022102   ircdminorresolved (codemastr)2005-01-23SVSPART reason field not working
  000222210   ircdminorresolved (codemastr)2005-01-23SVSMODE -b|e does not work with new extended bans.
  00015249   ircdfeatureresolved (codemastr)2005-01-22Stats for except tkl
  000228811   ircdminorresolved (codemastr)2005-01-22Whois Notification Problem
  00022972   ircdtextresolved (codemastr)2005-01-22Cloak Key Error
  00022931   ircdminorresolved (codemastr)2005-01-22sajoin's snotice
  00022663   ircdminorresolved (codemastr)2005-01-18set::htm::incoming-rate screwed up
  00022024   installingminorresolved (codemastr)2005-01-17- Fixed alloca warning @ Linux (post-3.2.2) is not fixed (w/SSL etc)
  00022482   ircdtextresolved (codemastr)2005-01-17Channel +f flood notices target is "incorrect"
  000212011   ircdmajorresolved (codemastr)2005-01-17SIGINT (or ./unreal restart) does not reload config changes
  000223110   ircdminorresolved (codemastr)2005-01-17Sajoin with multiple channels not working
  00022691   installingtweakresolved (codemastr)2005-01-17dccallow.conf missing from Win32 build
  00022701   ircdminorresolved (codemastr)2005-01-17SVSMODE -b should remove IP bans on user
  00022841   ircdtextresolved (codemastr)2005-01-17Typo in module m_oper.c
  00022531   ircdminorresolved (codemastr)2004-12-26Sajoin and Sapart logic
  00022401   ircdminorresolved (codemastr)2004-12-26CIDR notation circumvents "Too broad mask" protection
  00009208   ircdfeatureresolved (codemastr)2004-12-26Regex documentation
  00021915   installingtweakresolved (syzop)2004-12-11win32 version still defaults to 'install as a service'
  000223011   ircdminorresolved (syzop)2004-12-10flat-map option returnes juped servers also
  00022288   ircdmajorresolved (syzop)2004-12-09except tkl not working
  00020244   ircdtrivialresolved (syzop)2004-12-03umode +g
  00022123   ircdfeatureresolved (syzop)2004-12-02make most eyes snomask messages global
  00014874   ircdtrivialresolved (syzop)2004-12-02chanmode +z in conjunction with mode +i or +k, and operoverride invite

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